From 1987: “OKK” [Some poetry gleaned while Collating Smatterings of Memoirings (2)]

Thirty years ago, give or take a couple of months, I wrote these lines, with their exaggerated miscalculations of the speed of what was already then known to be happening . . .
Sydney’s still here, so are the other places, so far so good, thank goodness, but also so far not so good with regard to what’s still happening  …

okk meme

for / the good of all /& for / the goodness in all

4thegood meme

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What this came from: while (in bed before sleep) remembering two of a set of four lines I learned from an erstwhile mentor, E.J. Gold (via his books) & during an early period in this bed in this room in the hills outside Mullum (we moved here in 2002) & used to repeat before sleep: “For the sake of all beings everywhere”, & “To relieve the suffering of the Absolute”, these lines came.

& what do I know? well, while I can’t say I believe that silently sending one’s good-willing energy “out there” can make a difference, as some people say prayers can, I also can’t say I believe that it can’t — & it certainly can’t do any harm. & it makes me feel good… & that’s good too…

no god thank goodness

The lines that follow were published in a post on this blogsite on on 140928.
I have centered the lines here & enlarged the typeface.

I thank goodness
for goodness
being here in this world

I thank goodness
for the goodness
I perceive in so many
people & creatures
& inventions & poems
& art works & sights seen
& experiences & givings
I thank goodness
for all the goodnesses
I’ve received in my living

I thank goodness
that in the midst of the horrors,
the cruelties, the injuries, the damage
that humans moved by their own
&/or their manipulative leaders’ greeds
or primal fears, imagined needs or exclusivist creeds
still inflict on other people & creatures
& on our planet of (still potential) plenty,
goodness still persists in the hearts & deeds
of so many, still alive & still evident
in protests & petitions & actions
of kindness & gestures of solidarity

I thank goodness I feel I’m part
of an evolution of a more humane humanity
I thank goodness I feel I’m part
of a revolution of conscience

I thank goodness for the goodness
in my family’s love, my love for my life-
partner, our sons & our grandchildren
& their love for me, for the goodness
I see in families around me, in people
who gladly help people & share many
blessings. I thank goodness for teachers,
for doctors, for nurses, for sanitary workers,
providers of goods & services
& all kinds of toilers & helpers
who make life easier for others;
for science, technology, & of course
always for nature, even if it too
brings us disasters (for no life is for ever
& this too I accept)

I thank goodness, not a God
I cannot believe in, for far too many evils
have been & still are being perpetrated
in the names of all gods & goddesses
or the name of the One God of whichever
religion has sprung from the invention
of the Judaic Jehovah, though I can find
both beauty & horror in the tales & laws
of the Scriptures, & wisdom as well
in some of the psalms & the prophets

I thank goodness I still have the word goodness
to express what I feel when I want to thank goodness
for a good thing that’s happened to me
or a good thing I’ve seen happen

& although I don’t know why it is so but feel sure that it is
I thank goodness for goodness being innate in us all
even tho in so many it’s so often repressed
by circumstances beyond the young experiencer’s control

I thank goodness
for goodness
being here in this world

ppp (previously published poems) 1: The Other, In the Pardess

Today I’m opening a new section &/or “category” on this blogsite, in which I intend to republish previously published poems of mine.
This morning I felt that this might be a good one to begin with.
pardess crop
This poem was published in arc: Journal of the Israel Association of Writers in English, 1 (Tel Aviv, 1982).

Babbling on from Babylon 101

A fragment of an ancient Babylonian "star calendar"

A fragment of an ancient Babylonian “star calendar”

how much we owe to Babylon
we hardly ever own
how little we think of Babylon
together or alone
so much that is of value
so much that we confuse
so much we never think of
when we view our daily news

I’ll start today with one thing
still real in East & West,
for Muslims & for Jews
be they secular or religious,
& all who relate to the cycles
of the moon above our skies:
the Babylonian lunar calendar,
with its Sabbath day of rest.

I need add no more than the following link
which is a real eye-opener
(& is why I’ve added the 101 to my title)
In English:
In Hebrew:הלוח_הבבלי

With best wishes to all for the coming full moon of Tishrei/Muharram/Libra
two nights from now, & also as a follow-up to my earlier post
For a good year, spaces, scabs, forgiveness & healing

Composed & published today, 13 Tishrei 5775 / 13 Muharram 1436