Below is a list of all my pages & posts related to this topic, starting from the earliest:

My Mixed Feelings About Israel/Palestine  Post, 130317

“The days go by”, & “A two-state solution” for Israel/Palestine?”  Post, 130407

A pause, & maybe another, & a post I was preparing Post, 130505

Hope for Palestine (Filastin/Eretz-Yisrael)? Post, 140312

Some Thoughts for New-Spring-or-Autumn Holiday-Time 2014, Post, 140416

Mightn’t Two States for Two Nations (instead of Two States for Two Peoples) be a (truer &) more workable formula towards a resolution  of the IsraelandPalestineארצישראלفلسطين Conflict? Post, 140506

שתי מדינות או אחת בארצישראלפלסטין לשני לאומים, לא לשני עמים  Two States or One in IsraelandPalestine for Two Nations, not for Two Peoples Post, 140508

A few words about the Nakba Post, 140515

An IsraelandPalestine post, 140528

Civil Rights for all in Israel/Palestine: Noam Sheizaf’s Clearer Vision for a Way to Really Start Resolving the Seemingly Irresolvable Conflict, Post, 140910

testing: embedding some recent facebook posts into my blogsite, Post, 140913

Recent Englishings of Three Recent IsraeliHebrew Poems, Post, 140914

A reminder (& another Would you believe?): Who tf (with a mad prompt from Obama) does Mr BB Netanyahu really think he is??, Post, 140916

A “Liberation Anthem” by/from Samah Sabawi, Post, 140917

The Border (1961), Post, 140917

Zion Is…, Post, 141002

A Hebrew-Jewish-Israeli, an English&Hebrew Jewish ex-Polish-etc+ex-Israeli Australian, & a non-Jewish erstwhile-Israeli-resident Englishman walk into…. no, create, a “thread”, Post 141017

A Call to Awakening: An Open Letter to All Jews in All the Diasporas, Post, 141018

Anat Rimon-Or Responds to Attacks After Her Status on ISIL, Post, 141023

What is really called for: an ultimatum to the State of Israel, Post, 141029

With Invisible (But Visibly Effective) Blinkers On, Post, 141111

A Rumination, Post, 141207

A heartening sign of growing activism for social justice & democracy in Israel in Palestine today, Post, 141215

A Collation of Naomi Wolf’s “Witnessings” by Descendants of Arab Palestinian Exiles, Post, 141224

Settlements? התנחלות (hitnaxhlút) is not the same as התישבות (hityashvút), Post, 141225

Palestine: Following Naomi Wolf’s “Witnessings” & Images from pre- & early Naqba times. Post, 141227

&/but – these posts i need to share, Post, 141229

The Sulha Party Poem (, Post, 150110

Mizrahi Jews Arabs (a Googlesearch after a Facebookshare, & some reflections), Post. 150127

Freedom of the Individual in the Shuafat Refuse Heaps (a translation), Post, 150131

Identity?, Post, 150217



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