Jew-etcetera Musings

This page introduces & lists my musings on topics of Jewhood, Jewishness (my own & in general), Jewry, Judaism, “the Jewish people”, “the Jewish state”, & any other related subjects. Hence “Jew-etcetera Musings”.Musings. Because I muse about these things, & even care about them, I can’t help it, & sometimes I like to be thinking & reading about them, & sometimes I write some of my musings, but now that i’ve started this blog & chosen my Jewhood etc. as my first topic, it looks like i’ll be doing it more.
& sometimes my musings lead me to certain conclusions that I may believe are right, & I express them as I can. Of course I can’t be sure I’m right each time, or even any time. But these are my musings, collecting on this page, my Jew-etcetera musings.I’m listing  their titles below, in the order they were published, from earliest to latest.
& i’m hyperlinking the titles: click any title to see the entire post or page.
Post titles are shown in bold, page titles in italics.
My Jewhood 001  Posted 130109

My Jewhood 002 Posted 130109 Her Parents’ Families (from My Mother’s Memoirs), & Posted 130120 

Are Jews a Race? Published 130120 

What Is This Word “Jew”? Published 130120 

A Race or a People?    Published 130127

How I became consciously a Jew   Posted 130301



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