My Memoirings

Updated 140630: Again I feel I want to return to publishing some memoirings, but now I feel I need to begin whatever story I can make of my life from the love I knew from my grandmother in the first three and a quarter years of my life.

In my post Now some of my own memoirings (posted on 130219), I wrote:

Preparing the sections of My Mother’s Memoirs & then publishing them here has also stirred & resparked in me a desire to prepare & publish my own memoirs here, starting from my first memories & what I remember from the first eleven years of my life that my mother did write about until the point where her narrative stops, in mid-1947, when we were living in that “small bedroom in the place of some old kosher Jew” (see Via Hong Kong to Melbourne), in Elwood…

I wrote in my preface to her memoirs that she wrote them because I asked her to, and that I think she probably stopped where she stopped because she assumed I didn’t need to be told what happened after that. Many years ago my eldest son, Jonathan, also asked me to write my memoirs (and I have on occasions tried to do this, and have quite a number of memoirings on disc), but for various reasons — some known to me & some not, that I won’t even start going into now — I never found a satisfying way to do it.

But now, with this blog as a structurer, I feel I may have found one. I don’t know how far I’ll get with it. I particularly want to start on my childhood years, but I think I’d like to at least get to the time when Jonathan turned 11 — my age at the time my mother’s memoirs stop. That would bring us to mid-1978, in Tel  Aviv, when I turned 42,  with Nitza approaching 35, Ohav approaching 9, and Zohar recently turned 7. But I’m anticipating.

I don’t remember much. Actually, I’m not much of a rememberer, never have been. I’ve never been in the habit of voluntarily looking back and replaying in my mind events of the immediate past or the more distant past, and certainly never developed a conscious goal of committing events, situations, scenes, observations of people, to memory for future literary or other use. I do have a few memories  of my childhood, and have written about them on several occasions, sometimes in different ways…  In a few of them I draw on my mother’s memoirs, but here I will omit anything that merely repeats what already appears there.

This page will serve as a Table of Contents, with links to the sections as I add them, and information about other places that are relevant to them.

Updated 140703

1. A wonderful woman: My grandmother, whose wonderful love I knew in my first 3¼ years

2. Childhood: WarsawShanghai
For fuller information on this period see the sections in My Mother’s Memoirs that I’ve titled Motherhood & Refugeehood: From Warsaw to Shanghai 

3. Shanghai (1)

4, Moja Mamusia, My Mum, Henia (Henryka) (Hermelin) Flantz

5. Tatuś, tatusiu: (What I called my Dad in Polish [I never got to call him Dad] : An English translation of Lines that I had to write in Polish & published in a previous post)

6. The day my father died, Yom Kippur 1945, in Shanghai

7. So I started going to the Shanghai Jewish School…

8. In Shanghai I also first became a member – of the Soviet Youth Club, & of Betar

9. In Shanghai towards & at the end of World War II

10. Our last year or so in Shanghai – & the Americans

11. With Jewish Refugees in Hong Kong, 1946


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