Pink & Green: For Love, & for Eco-care, & for People-care, & for equal rights everywhere…

Made this yin-yang meme today (using MS Paint & Word), triggered by the latest Australian Greens kerfuffle… (Green is not Pink, Pink is not Green, but unless they embrace each other so, I see little hope for either, or for any of us & our descendants).

pg yinyang meme


PINK & GREEN THE WORLD! #ForEqualityForAll&ForViableEcology!


Here’s the story of what sparked this meme (though it’s only part of a bigger story): my Facebook friend Rachel Elior posted a status that so far has received almost 100 comments & many more likes. I translate the first two paragraphs (readers of Hebrew can read the entire post & the comments here):

‘A question – What in your opinion is the connection between the occupation that has continued for fifty years in which one people oppresses another people in a process of colonization of millions of human beings who have no civil and political rights in the Occupied Territories, and the numerous acts of violence by men (with positions of authority and rank and connections and power) against women who have no power or connections, are dependent and subordinate – acts that in various circles are called rape, forbidden intercourse by force or by consent, rape by dint of superior rank, acts of sodomy. torture, breaking the body and the psyche of the raped female, debasing her dignity as a human being and objectifying her while turning her into a vessel or object for satisfying the uncontrollable lust of men?
A reflection: Is the inability to relate to other human beings as human beings and to respect their humanity, their sovereignty, their liberty and their dignity, the common denominator?’

As I said, there were many comments to this status. I commented too (my translation):
‘It’s good that you raised this good question, Rachel. In my opinion, the connection’s a tight one. The principle that really rules in human “society” in our world is the power of privilege & the privilege of power: might is right.
By the way, the “Israeli”-Jewish occupation of Palestine (EY) has continued for almost 70 years, since the implementation of Plan Dalet on April 1, 1948.’

A little later I added another comment:
‘To further point my earlier comment: this principle can be summed up in one word: conquest/occupation. The conqueror is always tight. The conqueror does as he lusts. The conqueror dictates the history. No?
& another comment that I found in my feed that connects with what sparked the question raised here: in Hebrew ; my translation: ‘Buchris may have raped a female soldier or ten, but on the other hand he murdered lots of Arabs – so the State takes that into consideration.’

One person replied to my first comment. Eliahu Galil (my translation):
‘A pity. Because in other places everything’s pink and the dignity of women is not violated.’

For those who may not know this “everything’s pink” is an Israeli-Hebrew idiom for “everything’s wonderful”.

I replied:
‘Eliahu – read well. You responded to two sentences as if they were one. No, The principle of the conquering/occupying power rules in our entire still-patriarchal world. & see my additional comment further on. But thanks for mentioning the color pink. I’m thinking that this should indeed be the color of our struggle for a truly egalitarian world – together with green, the color of the struggle for the continuation of life on our planet. Let’s develop this…’

So, here’s the first outcome…