… or sisterhood, אחותיות ,الأختية ?

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OK / from far away

from far awayOK (crop2)
one last wild idea (this year)
for a real new way
a Greens & Women majority
in the next elections
in every troubled land,
for green & womanly
measures, like the simple life
& compassion & sisterhood
with others, of whatever race,
religion, nation, people.

Goodness only knows
our planet needs this now,
before it’s too too late,
not inter-ethnic, inter-tribal,
inter-religious, inter-gender,
inter-generation strife.

Until voters transcend
sectarian differences
that are exploited
by corporate & other
power&profit-seeking interests,
there will be neither peace
nor plenty for all on our planet.

& until activists arise
to lead voters this way,
this change will not happen.