How did 2 Posts (both re Tzipi Livni & Ultra-Zionism) Disappear from My Facebook Timeline?

On 140904 I published the following text-box on Facebook (I can’t ’embed it because it isn’t on my timeline anymore, so here’s the JPEG i posted there):

The UltraZionist Strategy crop

The link in the JPEG, if anyone wants to read Crooke’s entire still quite illuminating article is More recent developments, I might add, suggest that they won’t be able to continue counting on such “acquiescence” much longer…

Later that day, i found a post by Yaniv Aviv,  who shared  ‎Tzipi Livni-ציפי לבני‎’s photo & her accompanying text [my translation:]
Tzipi Livni's photo“The battle that is still ahead of us is the battle for world public opinion.
I took a brief vacation and this horrible placard greeted me, as it greets others who come to the square of a random town we passed through.
For those who don’t understand Greek, it says “Free Palestine”, and written inside the triangles of the Shield-of-David are the names of the towns Gaza, Jenin, Nablus and Hebron.
The use of the Shield-of-David is intended to combine the symbol we are so proud of with anti-Israeli hatred & propaganda.
I managed to tear a part of this placard, but it is clearer than ever that the battle before us is in the international arena. We have to act in every place in the world in order to make it clear who here is the terrorist and who is the state that protects its citizens from terror.”

Yaniv’s comment to his share was [my translation]: “This is the outcome of 47 years of Occupation, the orientation is only going to exacerbate.”

I added: “This is the same (if slightly older) Livni who is quoted in by Alastair Crooke as articulating what in my previous post I’ve called “The Ultra-Zionist Strategy Preventing a Just & Peaceful Solution in Palestine”, which has received only 2 likes & no comments. I’m not generally surprised when my posts don’t get likes or comments, but in this particular case I’m left really wondering: is what’s written there not timely any more? not relevant or valid in any way? or so obvious it isn’t worth mentioning?  or is Crooke’s name anathema? I’d just like to say here that I’d really appreciate some input on the content of that post, whether in a comment to this one or to that one.”

Not only have I had no comments, but both posts have disappeared from my Facebook timeline (it’s lucky I save my texts in Word etc before posting them). But I can’t help wondering is their disappearance an accident, a coincidence, or has some agency acted to remove them?