A reminder (& another Would you believe?): Who tf (with a mad prompt from Obama) does Mr BB Netanyahu really think he is??

At the end of two wordy but not exactly worth-full White House videoed speeches, first by Obama and then Netanyahu following a meeting between them on 20 May 2011 (you can still see it on youtube, or read the entire transcript), Mr BB turned to Mr Barack & said:

bb obama

Mr. President, you’re the – you’re the leader of a great people, the American people. And I’m the leader of a much smaller people, the –

PRESIDENT OBAMA: A great people.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU: It’s a great people, too. It’s the ancient nation of Israel. And, you know, we’ve been around for almost 4,000 years. We’ve experienced struggle and suffering like no other people. We’ve gone through expulsions and pogroms and massacres and the murder of millions. But I can say that even at the dearth of – even at the nadir of the valley of death, we never lost hope and we never lost our dream of reestablishing a sovereign state in our ancient homeland, the land of Israel.

And now it falls on my shoulders as the Prime Minister of Israel, at a time of extraordinary instability and uncertainty in the Middle East, to work with you to fashion a peace that will ensure Israel’s security and will not jeopardize its survival. I take this responsibility with pride but with great humility, because, as I told you in our conversation, we don’t have a lot of margin for error. And because, Mr. President, history will not give the Jewish people another chance.

So that’s who Mr BB Netanyahu thinks he is: the leader of the Jewish people, no less!
[in Hebrew, long before Zionism, long before the establishment of the State-of-Israel, the name “Israel” was also a synonym for “the Jewish people”, & Netanyahu, like all Ultra-Zionists, has long adopted this ambiguity & used it to further his Ultra-Zionist goals.]

& no-one protested. I did start to write something then, but couldn’t quite think of a good way to put it together. But I was moved to at last publish this today after reading  on Facebook Dov Khenin’s latest status, which shows the Hebrew Haaretz front-page top headline from 140914 [my translation]: ISRAEL ADVANCES RELOCATION OF THOUSANDS OF BEDOUIN THE WEST BANK of an article by Amira Haas (haaretz.com today published the English version). Khenin wrote [my translation]: “Netanyahu doesn’t halt at [a] red [signal]. The evacuation & relocation of the Bedouin from the Jordan Valley is the the second step in the building push in the settlements. In the past this was called a “transfer”. In South Africa they called it cantonization. In Hebrew it’s called expulsion.”