passover meme

And this is the article by Rachel Elior, followed by my translation:

rachelelior blessing


Rachel Elior:

On the eve of the Passover holiday, it is timely to recall that the main purpose of this holiday is to tell the story of the exodus from Egypt, or the first transition in human history from cruel slavery imposed by humans to freedom, which is divine in origin. Berl Katznelson expressed the ancient essence of this holiday well, and his words are relevant and become new each year:

“Passover. For thousands of years a people remembers the day of its exodus from the house of bondage! Through all the burrows of subjugation & forced conversion and the Inquisition and extermination and pogroms, this people carries in its heart the yearning for freedom and gives them a folk expression that does not pass over a single Jewish soul, a single poor & wretched soul! From parents to children, through all the generations, the story of the exodus from Egypt is passed on as a personal memory that neither pales not fades.

“‘In each generation everyone must see themselves as though they exited from Egypt’. I don’t know any literary work that teaches more to loathe slavery and to love freedom than this story of enslavement and exodus from Egypt. And I don’t know any ancient memory that is more oriented to the future and more a symbol of our present than the story of the exodus from Egypt.”

To Berl’s words we need to add something from a hundred years on:
A people that loved freedom and sanctified the days signifying liberty and the joy of cyclic rest from the enslaving workdays, and placed it as the first of its holidays – the festival of freedom in the first month of the year – has, against its best interests, turned into a subjugating occupying power that steals the freedom of others, imprisons them in enclosures behind walls and checkpoints and…
Let us say, instead of “Next year in rebuilt Jerusalem” –
“Next year may we be blessed with a life of freedom, justice, equality, blessings, fraternity and peace for all the inhabitants of the land, its men & women, its children & old people, its gentiles & its citizens.”
Happy holiday


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